Make them gel like Asics.

Looser than a pair of adidas.

Meagan Kennedy
24 July
Portland, Oregon, United States
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Naugatuck High School - Naugatuck CT (2000 - 2003)
Portland State University - Portland OR (2005 present)
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anti-family extremists, battlestar motherfucking galactica, gangsta rap, smokes

Meagan is a thorn in the side of the technocracy and the celestial chorus. Meagan is a part of you. Meagan is so cute that we took her to a plastic surgeon to make sure the removal of the sore didn't scar her. Meagan is also in position to throw her left leg over Brock's face for an arm bar if he counters the triangle. Meagan is one of my very bestest friends in the whole world. Meagan is an easy breeder and we have bred her using live cover and shipped semen. Meagan is a risk. Meagan is an awesome gymnast and I am glad that I know her. Meagan is attending college and has completed all the steps necessary to regain custody of her son. Meagan is known as the poet with the southern drawl. Meagan is supposed to have murdered a woman who was a wife and mother. Meagan is available for speaking engagements. Meagan is delightfully outfitted in a button front dress and matching headband.